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Prayer Points

2 Jul 2016    Prayer Points for the Navajo Nation ministry leaders

Prayers needed for the Navajo Coalition of pastors and leaders.

12 Apr 2016    Church's Involvement with Manifest Destiny

The prayer points are based upon the Church’s involvement in the Manifest Destiny Doctrine – which began to surface in 1839.  Manifest Destiny is associated with the Doctrine of Discovery’s integration into the laws of the United States with 1823 Supreme Court decision in the case of Johnson vs. McIntosh.

Manifest Destiny -coming from Doctrine of Discovery was behind the slaughter of First Nations. the destruction of their food supplies, the theft of their land and impoverishment of entire tribal nations.

12 Apr 2016    Repentance Points for First Nations People

Based upon 2 Chronicles 7:14 and God’s call for His people to turn from their wicked ways, what do we as First Nations People need to repent for?  With this thought in mind several considerations follow.

12 Apr 2016    Pursuing True Justice

In concluding this chapter let me say that there is one last consequence that we’ve not yet examined.  It has to do with establishing Satan’s throne through illegitimate justice. The final chapter of this book will be dedicated to this subject. However, as we have done in preceding chapters we leave you with several prayer points to consider.  We hope they help generate even more intensive intercession for the church, our nation, and the world. 

12 Apr 2016    Breaking the Third Commandment

Throughout its history the church has continually broken the third commandment by violating God’s word over and over again, while at the same time claiming to represent Lord to the unbelieving nations.  Because of the church’s sins against the lost nations, multitudes view our God as an evil being and refuse to honor or respect Him, His name, and His power.  

12 Apr 2016    The Church and Freemasonry

The church has a long history of association with the Brotherhood of Freemasonry – which is an occult Luciferian organization. In fact, the church has embraced, validated, and recruited Free Masons and allowed them to hold key leadership positions within the church.  From the very beginning of our nation the church has had an on-going relationship with Freemasonry, ignoring, neglecting, and evading its responsibility to distance itself from this unclean and profane organization. 

12 Apr 2016    Repentance for sins of the Church

As leaders and members of the Body of Christ we need to stand in the gap and repent for the sins of our spiritual fathers and leaders, both past and present.