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Training, Workshops, and Courses




Helping the Suicidal Person - This set of workshops focuses on understanding the dynamics of suicide from environmental warning signs to assessment and prevention measures.  Counseling issues are also discussed.


Sexual Abuse - Issues surrounding child sexual abuse, incest, and the helpers role in assisting victims are addressed in this series of workshops.


Domestic Violence - Topics presented in this training explore the dynamics of family violence including behavioral characteristics of the abuser, battered woman's syndrome, and intervention issues.


Understanding the Impact of Trauma - This training explains the components of all forms of trauma on the victim and those involved, or working with victims/survivors.  This course greatly benefits anyone working with sexual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, and disaster victims.


Traumatic Event Debriefing – Designed to assist emergency workers exposed to traumatic life events, this three hour workshop prepares social and mental health workers to understand the debriefing process and the skills needed to assist in diminishing the subsequent development of posttraumatic stress disorder.  Debriefing team designs and the qualifications required for developing and leading teams are also part of this study. 


Native Psychological Dilemma - The impact of historically documented events upon the psyche of North America's indigenous people are examined in this series of workshops.  Understanding how norms in Native culture and society have been influenced by the psychological damage inflicted are presented for discussion.


Impact of Residential School - This area of study examines how the Residential School system has effected the Native individual, his family, and ultimately his community.  The inter-generational nature of the trauma and grief resulting from the victimization of the First Nations people highlight this workshop.


Help For The Grieving - This set of workshops explores the nature of grief with its immediate and long term effects upon the survivors of loss.  Understanding the different forms of grief, the grief process, working through grief and the steps to recovery are presented for discussion.


Cross-Cultural Relations - This series of workshops examines the origin of culture and its place in reference to the kingdom of God.  This study also examines cross-cultural ministry and helps indigenous people and the church at large better understand their identity as a people group, both within the Kingdom and within the earth.


Introduction to Counseling - Understanding mankind's immaterial make-up, psychological needs, and the nature of motivation along with the basics of counseling are considered in this course of training.


People Helping Skills I - Empathic listening, communication skills, conflict resolution, and a variety of other basic helping techniques are presented and practiced in this course.  Course material and participation are essential foundational training for ministry workers desiring to function in care-based types of community outreach.  Course material may be adapted for local on-site training situations.


People Helping Skills II – This set of workshops focuses on understanding human defense mechanisms, helping approaches and models, advanced interviewing skills and ethical principles.   Students participate in refining and exercising skills critical to offering balanced help to hurting individuals.


Pre-Marital Counseling - Relationship dynamics, interpersonal communication, personal identity issues, and preparation for the marriage ceremony are a few of the topics covered in this training series.


Pastoral Counseling - The pastor's role in contributing to the spiritual, emotional, and psychological recovery of his congregation's members are included in this course of study.


Crisis Intervention  - This course examines the dynamics of crisis including the short and long term effects of trauma on the victim-survivors, their families and on community systems.  Components of crisis management, intervention principles, prevention strategies, types of crisis scenarios, and characteristics of healthy helpers are also part of this study.  Parts of this course may be adapted for local on-site training initiatives


Counseling Seminar - A wide variety of counseling scenarios are presented and reviewed for class discussion and analysis as part of this training series.  Topics include dealing with depression, anger, marital conflict, teenage rebellion, and a variety of other counseling situations.


Counseling Ministry Development – This study examines the basic requirements for starting lay counseling services through the local church or community agency.  Potential ministry models, intake systems, client and community assessment techniques and training components are presented and discussed in this series of workshops.


Developing Small Support Groups – The dynamics, process, tasks, and maintenance of small support groups are presented for discussion in this set of workshops.  Group facilitator skills and guidelines for ministry development are also included in this study.    


Human Relations (Revised) - This introductory course focuses on understanding one’s self and others.  Areas of study include understanding personal worth, identity, and emotional stability.  Developing student confidence in social interaction and human relation skills are key objectives of this course.


Marriage and Family - This course is designed to strengthen marriages by helping students to better understand issues surrounding love, mutual submission and respect, and the dynamics of family systems.  This course prepares students to better understand and work with children and families within their social environment.


Substance Abuse Counseling (Revised)This course examines core issues surrounding alcohol and drug addiction, alcohols effect on family members, treatment planning and relapse issues. 


Healthy Family Management - This set of workshops will equip the student to better understand the dynamics of parent-child relationships during the child rearing years.  Understanding child development, empowering vs. enabling, teenage issues, and family management skills are a few of the topics covered in this study.


Effective Leadership - This series of workshops studies the principles, qualities, and motivation behind effective leadership.  Understanding the gift and skills of leadership are presented along with selecting and developing potential leaders.  The lifelong phases of a leader's development is also included in this study.


Administrative Leadership - Organizing, planning, coordination, and delegation are key components among many in this course of study.  This course is designed to prepare students to function as administrative leaders within the local church or ministry network.


Pastoral Care - Developing various types of ministry to meet the needs of the community are the primary focus of this study in demonstrating the compassion of Christ.  Thoughts on working with specific age groups are discussed along with ideas of how each individual group's needs might best be met.


Labesh Ministries - This series of workshops presents the concept of reaching out to families through ministry services that literally wrap around families until they achieve a healthy level of functioning.  This study examines how churches and ministry agencies can utilize community support mechanisms as contemporary evangelistic tools.


Youth Program Development - From vision processing to program implementation and evaluation, this series of workshops seeks to assist in developing programs that adequately address the needs of youth.


Deliverance Ministry Team Training - Understanding the nature of demonic activity, primary forms of satanic bondage, and steps to ministering deliverance are just a few of the areas covered in this study.  Practical steps for developing and maintaining teams for this specific type of ministry are also presented for discussion


Ministry of Inner Healing (Revised) - The Biblical basis for this prayer based ministry is examined along with the Holy Spirit’s role in ministering restoration to the broken-hearted and bruised. How emotional wounds occur, how the enemy gains entry, and principles for healing are presented for discussion.  This study is an excellent complement to the Deliverance Ministry Team Training piece.


Spiritual Gifts - This series of workshops examines the difference between the gifts of the Godhead with a particular focus on the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Motivational Gifts - Through instruction and individual testing this course helps students to become more aware of God's plan and purpose for their lives.  One objective of this course is to help students better understand and steward their personal gifts and calling.


Worship Leading - Examining the Lords instructions on preparing for worship, approaching His presence, and the distinctions between praise and worship are included in this series.  Specific attention is given to the saints ministry to the Lord and the place of praise and worship in spiritual warfare.


Personal Evangelism - Ministering the message, developing innovative evangelistic approaches, making disciples, and keeping the harvest are part of the essentials taught in this course.


Holy Spirit - Understanding the person, purpose, and power of the Holy Spirit as manifested in both the Old and New Testament are presented for discussion.  Case studies of 14is current activity in the earth are also examined in this study.


Elder Training - This set of workshops examines the Elder's calling, job description, character, family, and ministry basics as applied within the local church setting.


Pastoral Principles - Understanding the functional role of the pastor as a teacher, counselor, and administrator and the importance of these roles to the ministry are the focus of this study.


Usher and Greeter Training - This 4-5 hour set of workshops studies the pattern, practice, and principles required for ushers and greeters to function in a life-ministering manner.  Developing, implementing, and maintaining these two much needed in-house ministries is also presented for discussion.


Developing Ministry Programs - These workshops consider the steps required to get a ministry up and running as the vision and burden of God are translated into action.  Strategic planning components are presented for discussion.


Principles and Methods of Teaching - This course covers a variety of essentials, from the Seven Laws of teaching, to preparing, organizing, and presenting your lesson.  Course material is ideal for training church Sunday School staff.


Faith Foundations - Designed to help new believers lay a solid foundation for their faith in Jesus Christ.  This course examines the important doctrines of the Bible from the Deity of Christ to Sanctification, Fasting, and Baptism in the Holy Spirit.


Spiritual Warfare - The authority of the believer, identifying and pulling down personal strongholds, and understanding the weapons of our warfare are presented for discussion.  This series is designed to prepare the individual believer to stand firm against the wiles of the enemy.


Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare - This series of workshops examines how the defilement of corporate sin affects the land and permits satanic principalities and powers to maintain canopies of darkness over whole regions or communities.  The primary factors and teamwork involved in breaking the identified stronghold is also explored.  The primary objective of this study is to see community transformation.


Spiritual Mapping – Researching and identifying the spiritual barriers that restrict or repel the message and power of the gospel in certain geographical locations anchor this series of workshops.  Methods, techniques, and skills for utilizing this discipline are reviewed and discussed.  The various components for developing mapping teams are also included in this study.


Ministry of Intercession - Understanding and applying prayer principles, recognizing spiritual and corporate authority, identifying spiritual strongholds as it relates to spiritual mapping, and coordinating intercession ministry teams are some of the topics covered in this study.  Practical application of prophetic intercession principles will be demonstrated.


Prayer Ministry Training - This 6-7 hour set of workshops focuses on preparing ministry workers to help persons that seek prayer and help during altar calls.  The areas covered in this study include leading candidates in prayer for salvation, rededication, baptism in the Holy Spirit, and prayers for physical healing.  Principles for follow-up are also briefly covered.


Host People Issues - This study examines the role that North America's Indigenous people play in breaking spiritual strongholds over the continent.  Their authority as the original stewards and gatekeepers is considered in reference to redeeming the land for the kingdom of God.  Principles of protocol for working with First Nations people groups are also reviewed and discussed.


Understanding Gatekeeping - This set of workshops examines the Biblical concept of gatekeeping at various levels and in a variety of situations.  From community and church leaders to individual family members, the role of gatekeeping is considered.  The relationship between pastors as gatekeepers and intercessors is given special attention.


Overcoming the Victim Spirit – This set of twelve workshops presents the symptoms associated with persons or people groups who are so routinely victimized that the daily assualts of this insideous spirit are normalized.  Eleven of the workshops focus specific understandings and disciplines requried to gain dominion over the Vicitm Spirit.


Confronting the Predator Spirit – A four part study that examines the association of Predator Spirit with witchcraft and how this spiritual enitity inflitrates governmental and organizational systems.  The characteristics, behaviors, and operations of the Predator Spirit are discussed along with the steps involved with confronting its activity.


SWAT Training – This group of training sessions provides participants with the basic principles and tools needed to carry out prophetic prayer initiatives.  The key areas covered include; Developing Intercessory Prayer Teams, Understanding Strategic Level Warfare, Applying Spiritual Mapping, Prophetic Prayer Walking, Dismantling Demonic Strongholds, Water Cleansing, and Maintaining the Ground Taken.