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Ministry reports

27 Jul 2016    Deliverance and Inner Healing

Ten hours of exploring and understanding the ministry of identifying, confronting and expelling demonic forces.

2 Jul 2016    Gallup, NM Ministry Report June 2016

This report is from a trusted friend who has been working with FNCM closely for about 7 years now.  His perspective and input, apart from ours, is much appreciated.

15 May 2016    Piercing the Veil

Joshua Generation for Jesus and First Nations Counseling Ministries join to bring understanding and healing in the Southwest.  Join us.

15 May 2016    Overcoming the Past

The Residential Schools in Canada and the US impacted our people for generations.  This healing conference will look at the history and how we have been impacted and steps we can take to begin healing.

12 May 2016    Ministry Update Spring 2016

This is what God is all about – deliverance, healing, and restoration to all that respond to His grace.  And that’s what the ministry of FNCM is all about. Most exciting is that you are part of our team.  As we continually return to the front lines, we are ever aware that your prayers and support make it possible to bring the healing touch of Jesus to many.  Whether by teaching or preaching the word, mobilizing healing teams, or personal prayer ministry, you are a huge part of God’s advancement in the earth. 


We are asking you to once again invest in the healing of America by giving you the chance to contribute to the outreaches, conferences, and trainings that FNCM will be leading and organizing in collaboration with other native and non-native ministries.  On top of the regular need to keep our base of operations functional we also need help traveling to the various sites where ministry will take place. 

29 May 2014    Wounded Knee Ministry Report-May 2014

“Inasmuch as you did it to the least of these...you did it to Me.” (Matt.25:40)

The current state of Wounded Knee stands out not only as a festering wound to this nation, but as evidence before almighty God and the courts of heaven as to the tremendous injustice perpetrated upon one nation by another. Wounded Knee represents a people whose livelihood, freedom, and destiny were decimated and cut short for the sake of expediting coast to coast conquest and domination.

As long as Wounded Knee remains in its current state of despair, hopeless, and impoverishment, it serves as testimony before the Judge of all the earth of His church’s failure to implement His mandate for true justice to be established in the earth (Isa. 42:4).

19 Apr 2014    April Ministry Report-Oneida update

God is definitely doing something in Ivan’s home community! There is a mighty heritage there as the Oneida were almost totally Christian before the end of the Revolutionary War. We have been asking God to re-dig that well, and after years of praying we are seeing cracks in the wall the enemy had erected.