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Prayer Points > Prayer Points for the Navajo Nation ministry leaders

2 Jul 2016

Gallup Post Conference Prayer Points

·       Ask God to continue to strengthen and protect the Navajo Christian Leaders, Churches, ministry organizations, and business owners as they endeavor to see God transform their people and nation according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.


·       Pray for the mantle of true humility to rest upon the Native Christian leaders and the non-Native ministers and business people who are working together to see God come to transform the Native nations and America.


·       Ask God to bless the two initiatives (First Nations Healing Coalition and Native American Business Institute)  introduced to the Navajo Christian leadership to bring healing and restoration to their people and  economic independence, growth, and stability to their Nation.


·       Ask God to use the development and establishment of these two initiatives as a template for other tribal nations in the US, Canada, and beyond.


·       Ask God to heal and restore First Nations Christian leaders so in wholeness and stability they can rise up to fulfill their call as God’s originally appointed people to spiritually gatekeep and steward the North American continent.


·       Ask God to powerfully anoint these leaders that they might successfully stand against the dark spiritual forces attempting to undermine and shipwreck God’s intended purpose and destiny for the United States and Canada.


·       Ask God for the release of financial resources for the healing and restoration of the First Nations people and for those key leaders and ministries that would humbly walk alongside legitimate Native leaders, ministries, and their community transformation initiatives. 


·       Pray specifically for the Navajo Christian leaders that God give them wisdom and strategies to thwart the traditional medicine men and people who keep warring against God and His word, especially pushing to gain public platforms to present occult ideas and ways as legitimate patterns for the Navajo Nation to follow.