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Prayer Points > Church's Involvement with Manifest Destiny

12 Apr 2016

The prayer points are based upon the Church’s involvement in the Manifest Destiny Doctrine – which began to surface in 1839.  Manifest Destiny is associated with the Doctrine of Discovery’s integration into the laws of the United States with 1823 Supreme Court decision in the case of Johnson vs. McIntosh.


Therefore, the church needs to repent for:


  • Joining the United States government and its populace in embracing, promoting, and implementing the Manifest Destiny Doctrine – for not discerning the need to confront the injustice and atrocities justified by this delusional doctrine – for failing to stand up for the rights of those being steam-rolled by this entitlement mindset –


  • Working with the U.S. government to deceive, dismantle, devastate, and destroy whole tribal nations and their governmental systems – in many cases instead of confronting and standing up to the violators, we joined in with them, helping the masses to carry out their horrific violent acts against innocent women, children and the elderly –


  • Allowing and in some cases assisting the U. S. government to break over 374 treaties with various tribal nations – actually participating with ill-conceived government policies that involved multiple levels of treaty making and covenant breaking – for not condemning the practice from the beginning – for not challenging government officials in their error – for seeking the praise of highly influential men rather than the praises of God –


  • Permitting and in many instances helping the U.S. government and populace to plunder the natural resources of most tribes, for imploding their economies, and thrusting them into perpetual generational poverty and spiritual barrenness –  


  • Refusing to stop the U.S. government from using the “just war theory” as a strategy in provoking tribes into a retaliatory response and then using that response as an excuse to rain down disaster, destruction, and death upon the targeted tribes and to do so with a vengeance – using this an excuse to commit acts of mass murder and genocide –    


  • Allowing and often assisting the U.S. government to mercilessly massacre, maim, and enslave thousands of Native people – to allow laws to be passed that favored the European peoples and rendered little if any justice to the Indigenous people – for lying in claiming justice for all – when in reality there was no justice for those for whom Jesus died –


  • Making lies our refuge and falsehoods our covering by denying, minimizing, or covering up the church’s participation in the violence, murder, plundering, impoverishing, pain, and suffering perpetrated upon America’s Indigenous people groups –


  • Leading the church to enter into a covenant with death – which gave God’s enemies the legal right to rain down dimensions of death upon God’s people (Isa. 28:15,18).


  • Helping to activate Jotham’s Curse over the nation – thus setting the stage for betrayal from within to gain a strangle hold on our nation – with a continual manifestation of strife, division, and contention becoming consistent characteristics of America’s everyday religious, social, political and economic life –  
  • Helping Satan to set up a pervading residence in our nation – by returning evil for the good that the Native people had shown to the first Europeans that landed on the shores of North America –


  • For coming ashore without invitation – making ourselves the first illegal immigrants to arrogantly push ourselves into – this continent – to feast upon and drain the various tribes resources – and expecting the indigenous people to suck it up and just deal with it – all the while claiming that we, the European peoples had our rights, and then expecting the federal government to back up our claims  –


  • Joining with federal government in its conspiracy to remove the tribal nations so they could take the gold, silver, and other precious metals in their lands – for helping to ensure that America will surely come to poverty – for helping to pave the way for our future generations to suffer economic ruin and impoverishment –


  • For not acknowledging that the land, the gold, and the silver all belong to God and that He will give it to whomsoever He pleases (Lev. 25:23, Hag. 2:8, Ps. 135:6).


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Ivan Doxtator