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Prayer Points > Repentance Points for First Nations People

12 Apr 2016

Based upon 2 Chronicles 7:14 and God’s call for His people to turn from their wicked ways, what do we as First Nations People need to repent for?  With this thought in mind several considerations follow.

As First Nations people we need to repent for:

  • Seeking to appease and win the favor of spiritual powers that masqueraded themselves as God – and doing this by carrying out specific rituals, ceremonies, or celebrations at specific times and seasons.


  • For opening the spiritual gates of North America to powers of darkness and for making spiritual covenants with demonic hierarchies of evil.


  • Seeking the peace of man rather than the peace of God (i.e. by signing “Peace Treaties”)


  • Exalting our tribal culture, customs, ceremonies, concepts, rituals, societies, and family members above the One True Living God, the Creator of all things.


  • For ascribing spiritual power to animals, inanimate aspects of creation, the stars, sun, moon, and the heavens – and includes worshiping mother earth. 


  • Committing any one of the four major issues that defile the land and bring a curse upon it. The list includes shedding innocent blood, idolatry (worshiping creation), sexual immorality, or breaking covenants.   


  • For specific involvement in “sun worship” (Baal Worship) from the most ancient sites in North America (Cahokia Mounds, Prosperity Point, Serpent Mounds, etc.) to ritual activities of the Plains Tribes.


  • Raiding, stealing from, or killing members of other tribes – either as acts of revenge, covetousness, greed, jealousy, envy, or just plain anger, bitterness, violence, or abusive activity.   


  • Raiding, stealing from, or killing members of various European people groups – either as acts of revenge, retaliation, or payback, or, just plain anger, bitterness, violence, or abusive activity.   


  • Not accepting and embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ when reasonably and peacefully presented.


  • Not forgiving those who did great harm and violence towards our tribal groups – which included murder, theft of gold, silver, land, and other vital resources, deception, manipulation, defrauding, forced removal, imploding tribal economies, and generational impoverishment, etc.   


  • Forgive the church for working with the government to establish and promote a general state of impoverishment among Native populations and then refusing to take measures to adequately repair and restore the damage and suffering caused by their past actions. 



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Ivan Doxtator