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12 Apr 2016

The church has a long history of association with the Brotherhood of Freemasonry – which is an occult Luciferian organization. In fact, the church has embraced, validated, and recruited Free Masons and allowed them to hold key leadership positions within the church.  From the very beginning of our nation the church has had an on-going relationship with Freemasonry, ignoring, neglecting, and evading its responsibility to distance itself from this unclean and profane organization. 


Therefore, the church needs to repent for:


  • Giving Freemasonry a free pass as a legitimate organization that says it honors God but is truly anti-Christ at its core – and is part of the Luciferian New World Order initiative.


  • Embracing, promoting, and even protecting Freemasonry and allowing its members to sit as valid consituents among the congregations of God’s people – not confronting the occult realities of the Brotherhood for fear of losing financial support – trusting in man rather than God for the funding of His church –  


  • Allowing itself to be defiled, disapproved, and disempowered by allowing the presence of Free Masons as members of its leadership team or congregation –


  • Permitting Free Masons to remain because of coveting the financial rewards rendered by their attendance – or the political connections they could gain to access influence and federal funding monies –


  • Church leaders embracing and endorsing United States presidents and high government officials even though they were Masons – for the sake of wining their favor and getting them to steer federal financial opportunities their way – hoping to be highly esteemed by them and getting themselves invited to high level political functions –  


  • Coming under the spirit of Freemasonry – and thus opening the gates for the spirit of death and destruction to antagonize, torment, harass, and deceive God’s people – setting God’s people up to be blinded by the great deceptions promoted and advanced by the Elites and their New World Order –


  • Failing as gatekeepers by allowing the spiritually unclean to enter the household of God

            (II Chron. 23:19) – allowing their non-Masonic congregation members to think that Freemasonry    

            is a permissible and valid organization – causing them to erroneously believe that God 

            accepts this evil and defiling occult group –


  • Entering into an unholy covenant with Freemasonry – thereby undermining, damaging, and neutralizing the church’s ability to rightly discern the difference between the clean and the unclean – the holy and the unholy – 


  • Opening the door for the church to become part of the developing One World religious system – a system rooted in ancient Babylonian occult religious spiritual structures – aligned with the spirit of anti-Christ and a host of demonic legions –  


  • Willingly forfeiting communion with God for the sake of occult tainted worldly gain (II Cor. 6:14-18) – for allowing unholy spirits to dwell in the midst of their camps – thus ensuring that God and His Spirit would surely depart from their churches (Deut. 23:14) – therefore paving the way for God’s people to be doomed to destruction (Jos. 7:13) –


  • Subjecting members of the body of Christ to the deadly consequences that are activated through the Covenant of Death (Isa. 28:15) – (Which results from co-habiting with Freemasonry) – coming into alignment with hell – partaking in deceptive works of Freemasonry – allowing the Masons to continue to cover themselves with falsehoods – 


  • Setting the God’s people up for sure defeat by their spiritual enemies – by leading the blind, ignorant, and undiscerning astray – setting them up for spiritual barrenness, failure, and defeat


  • Robbing God’s people of the many spiritual victories secured by Jesus Christ at His death – robbing them of the many redemptive blessings of God – and many gifts given by God – invalidating and making non-operational the many promises God has for His people –


  • Neutralizing the God given authority given to His sons and daughters that empowers them to overcome their spiritual enemies – removing their ability to triumph over darkness and deception, over brokenness and captivity – 


  • Depriving the people of God of the freshness, vitality, and life that comes with salvation through Jesus Christ – and many gracious gifts of His Holy Spirit –


  • Dooming thousands of ignorant Christians to a Christ-less eternity – the ultimate outcome of allowing Freemasonry to infiltrate, contaminate, invalidate, and eventually dominate the  



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Ivan Doxtator