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Prayer Points > Repentance for sins of the Church

12 Apr 2016

As leaders and members of the Body of Christ we need to stand in the gap and repent for the sins of our spiritual fathers and leaders, both past and present.


  • Legalizing lawlessness by launching the crusades that murdered millions, unleashed a curse upon the earth, and gave Satan a legal right to use Islam to carry out its present day Holy War against Christianity.


  • Assisting Satan to infiltrate, contaminate, and invalidate the church’s authority by embracing occult beliefs, holidays, celebrations, rituals, lifestyles, and ceremonies and integrating them into our biblical belief systems, sacraments, worship services, and our physical church structures.   


  • Using the Doctrine of Discovery to legitimize the murder, maiming, plundering, enslaving, oppression, and disenfranchisement of millions of Indigenous people globally.


  • Breaking five of the ten commandments when implementing the Doctrine of Discovery – you shall not murder, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness, you shall not covet, and you shall not take the Lord thy God’s name in vain.


  • Establishing and maintaining an elitist attitude and mindset among many of the European nations and church leaders towards other people groups not of European descent and thus contributing to members of the New World Order and their own elitist positions and thinking towards the world’s masses. 


  • Misrepresenting God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ to hundreds of unbelieving people groups – with violent, murderous, callous, abusive, demanding, and profane attitudes, actions, and behaviors – thus turning them away from the salvation of God towards a godless eternity.


  • For giving Satan the ability to slander God’s name among the nations, twisting their perception of the Christian God as one that tortures, maims, murders, massacres, and plunders the unbelieving.     


  • The priests and ministers that viciously physically and sexually abused children, both during the Indian Boarding School Era, and also in recent times – the greatest part of this activity was actually sodomy or homosexual behavior.


  • Pastors and ministry leaders for their unfaithfulness to God and their spouses for committing sexual immorality – adultery, fornication, pedophilia, pornography, etc. 


  • Aligning with occult organizations – allowing the unholy to be part of what God ordained to be set apart for Himself as a Holy Nation – totally clean and washed in the blood of the Lamb (i.e. Free Masonry, Knights of Malta, and other ungodly fraternal or religious organizations, or Illuminati type structures). 


  • Pastors and ministry leaders for their unfaithfulness to God and the Body of Christ for manipulating, controlling, and abusing the sheep for the benefit, prosperity, and embellishment of their own ministries or churches.


  • Pastors and ministry leaders for not providing the stable and sound leadership and in many cases taking their own lives through suicide.


  • Being so focused on building up our own ministry bases (churches) rather than guarding the gates to our cities and communities, bowing down to political correctness, yielding to demonic intrusions upon our culture, fearing controversy, seeking to transform our nation through politics rather than prayer, and failing to discern and confront evil at the highest levels.


  • For opening up the Body of Christ to be deceived, manipulated, defrauded, wounded, and financially fleeced by individuals posing as legitimate ministers of the gospel – for positively confirming, affirming, and promoting such individuals in the media, in large gatherings, and in public settings in such a way as to render members of the body of Christ vulnerable to their deceptive activity (Lakeland Outpouring).


  • For failing to demonstrate humble leadership, character, and integrity by confessing our missing it spiritually in regard to the Lakeland outpouring – choosing instead to divest ourselves of any responsibility, fearing loss of credibility, ministry income, and public support, – for refusing to face the reality of our lack of spiritual discernment, for putting the weight of responsibility on those victimized by the false prophet, demanding that they forgive him, for sweeping the whole fiasco under the rug, and then running to hide from the potential fallout that followed.   


  • For giving Satan the leverage to empower and mobilize evil and wicked movements and initiatives among the world’s societies and people groups – because of the church’s own sins and transgressions – such as – various forms of sexual immorality, the worship of mammon, cover-up of church sins, manipulation and murder of the unbelieving, etc. 


















Ivan Doxtator