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12 May 2016

One of our final assignments of 2015 had us in the Northwest working with two separate tribal communities, the S’Klallam tribe and the Muckleshoot, both of the Salish language speaking stock.  We presented training workshops in both communities and held leadership and planning meetings, which focused on the development of First Nations Healing Coalition (FNHC). 


FNHC is made up of First Nations churches, ministries, and affiliate members that are committed to empowering North America’s Indigenous people to walk out God’s redemptive purpose and destiny for their tribal groups and for this nation. One FNHC’s chief objectives is to unite with the Body of Christ for the healing of America.  

Winter 2016


In January we spent several days with prayer leaders in Washington DC to talk strategy for seeing our governmental leaders loosed from the dark forces that have held our legislative processes on such a ungodly track.

We will be returning to the region to train and mobilize local leaders and intercessors in strategizing to carry out breakthrough prayer initiatives. The time frame for this is in the summer or in early fall.

Also, in late January we traveled to Albuquerque NM to meet with Navajo and Pueblo ministry leaders and pastors to build relationship and to discuss their interest in the First Nations Healing Coalition. We presented in three gatherings and ministered in two Navajo churches. All the Native leaders we met spoke of how their people and churches need healing and restoration.


May Conference


We leave for the Oneida Nation Canada on May 15th, for a Boarding School Conference scheduled for May 20-22.  We are believing God for a good turnout from the surrounding native communities. There are several tribal groups within driving distance of the conference site.  The traumatic impact from the 100 plus years of Boarding Schools has left all the tribes with unresolved issues.


The tribes include; the Chippewa, Potawatomi, Mohawk, Mississauga, Odawa, Delaware, and the Six Nations communities. Ask God to draw them to Himself through this conference.  Also pray for us that God will anoint us with the wisdom, grace, and the break-through anointing to see His healing touch move in our midst. 

June Conference

The New Mexico Native ministerial network has invited us to return to share in a three day conference setting. This will be happening on June 23 -25.  We are very excited at what God is doing to open the southwest up to us, to share His desire for Native leaders to work together for the healing of whole tribes.  These Native leaders have been doing land cleansing work within their communities and are really motivated to do more. 


They tell us there will be multiple tribes represented at the Conference.  The tribes include, the Navajo, Hopi, Apache, Piute, and quite possibly the Arapahos and Northern Cheyenne.  We are excited in our expectation to see God do some mighty things during our visit there.  Please pray that God’s anointing and Spirit will be poured out in the meetings, especially in deliverance, healing, and restoration.


Fall Conference


This fall our First Nation Healing Coalition is planning to launch its inaugural gathering in the great Northwest.  We are currently putting arrangements together to see this happen with other Coalition members.  We will keep you posted with more precise information on dates and time frames as they unfold.

SWAT Midwest


Here, locally in the Midwest region, we’ve been raising up, training, and working with SWAT teams in Ferguson and Columbia Missouri.  The Columbia team has been operational and making spiritual advances since last October, and the team here in Ferguson is in the early stages of prayer projects. 

We are also working with several African American leaders on developing a healing plan for their communities. 


Back in January we were invited into a meeting here in St. Louis with mostly African Americans in attendance.  In the meeting we shared about how God appointed us as the ancient people to gatekeep and steward the North American continent and how He had given us authority to open and close the spiritual gates of America. 


After we shared these spiritual insights with the audience we asked them all to stand and come forward so we, as the Host People, could officially invite them into North America.  Once all came forward we invited them in, then we declared their acceptance and their having a place in North America.  After this we asked them to prophetically take one step forward as if first stepping into the continent. 


Touched by God


When they took one step forward they were immediately struck by the power of the Spirit of God, with many openly moved and weeping, some falling to the floor, recognizing that God was doing something powerful in their midst. As many wept and cried out to God, we all realized that God brought us together to release a corporate healing into the hearts of His people. It was an awesome God thing.


As official representatives of the Host People we have done this only on three other occasions, and in every situation, the African Americans that came forward, were dramatically touched by God.  Months after one such instance in Annapolis MD, we met up with those, who had been spiritually impacted by the past prophetic act. Several stated that on that day their lives had changed, how something deep down inside was touched by God in such a way that they now felt more at ease and were experiencing new freshness and freedom.  How great is our God!!!


This is what God is all about – deliverance, healing, and restoration to all that respond to His grace.  And that’s what the ministry of FNCM is all about. Most exciting is that you are part of our team.  As we continually return to the front lines, we are ever aware that your prayers and support make it possible to bring the healing touch of Jesus to many.  Whether by teaching or preaching the word, mobilizing healing teams, or personal prayer ministry, you are a huge part of God’s advancement in the earth. 


We are asking you to once again invest in the healing of America by giving you the chance to contribute to the outreaches, conferences, and trainings that FNCM will be leading and organizing in collaboration with other native and non-native ministries.  On top of the regular need to keep our base of operations functional we also need help traveling to the various sites where ministry will take place. 


The budget for the Healing Conference on the Oneida Nation in Ontario is approximately $4,000.00.  All donations above and beyond will be used for our on-site ministry team that keeps the Oneida outreach operating and moving forward.  We thank you for partnering with us to make this healing conference a great success in touching the lives of the tribal members attending the meetings.


May God richly bless you,


Ivan & Linda Doxtator