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Healing Notes > Dealing with your Stuff-Part 2

17 Jan 2015

In our discussions about traveling the trail towards wholeness, we stated that the first step was to be totally sold out to God. If you recall we felt God saying, “If you’re not sold out, you’re going to bail out.” After this we said the next step was to be committed to “dealing with your stuff.” Then, in our last conversation we hopefully helped everyone better understand exactly what we meant when referring to the term “stuff.” This being said, I hope everyone is still tracking with us.

At this point in time, many maybe asking – “so what do we do to deal with our stuff?”

I believe there are at least ten things or steps we can take to get us started on our journey to wholeness. The steps will help us identify, process, and deal with our stuff, which include those sometimes very deep issues that would hinder our path to wholeness.

First, after making the quality choice to totally sell out to God, we must have a burning desire to become whole. We must actively seek godly improvement and change in our life. We all need to know that God is ready, willing, and able to empower us to achieve greater levels of wholeness.

One thing we must remember is that it took years for us to get to the unhealthy state we find ourselves in, and that moving toward wholeness is not a flash in the pan experience. Actually, the journey to wholeness is a life-long trip, but the returns on our investment are well worth the effort. Remember, Paul said that although he had not yet attained, he was committed to pressing on (Phil. 3:12).

As we fully embrace and yield to God’s shaping and molding of our character the journey to wholeness accelerates. One of the great things about this journey is that since it is His idea, God ensures you’ll have all the support and resources you need to make rapid advancement.

The second step is to humbly admit to the Lord and yourself that you have issues, and ask Him to clarify exactly what they are and how you are to overcome them. Usually, He will give you a scripture or verse to use as the basis to process the behavior, attitude, or activity that requires change or transformation.

Our responsibility in this matter is to have the self-motivation and initiative, to push forward and through, no matter how challenging it may be. Remember, if God is for you, who can be against you (Rom. 8:31).

Next, we must recognize our psychological or emotional neediness that fuels the behavioral strategies and self-centered attitudes that govern our attempts to meet these innermost needs.

In our training and workshops we look at the five basic psychological needs that every human has inherited as a result of God’s absence from the core of man’s being. This absence is related to the Spirit of God withdrawing from the heart of Adam when he disobeyed God in the garden.

The five innermost needs are love, acceptance, security, identity, and approval. It is these five core needs that are at the root of most of the behaviors exhibited by mankind. For far too many these needs have been intensified and exacerbated by negative childhood experiences.

If Jesus Christ is not allowed to totally meet, heal, and arrest these five needs they will totally undermine and sabotage your journey to wholeness. If left unchecked the devil will use our man- made efforts to meet these five needs as access points to lead us into compromising and self-

defeating behaviors. Paul says, “God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19).

Fourth, we must know and understand what dysfunctional dynamics look like so we can quickly identify and extricate ourselves from their influence and realms of activity. Usually, these unhealthy dynamics are associated with our families of origin and what they deem to be normal functioning. Remember, God said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

Next, we must find and submit to a seasoned, spiritually competent, emotionally healthy, no nonsense accountability partner that will give us honest reflective feedback. This person cannot be a yes man, must be scripturally literate, and should demonstrate the wisdom of God in his counsel. This individual will help us to know where we are at on our journey to wholeness and will join with us in celebrating our victories.

Fifth, we must fully yield to the inspiration and leading of the Holy Spirit, interacting with Him as we read the scriptures, asking and expecting Him to answer all our questions. We should ask Him to fill us every day, fully expecting renewal and refreshing experiences with Him. We should especially acknowledge and note when He is convicting us of personal sin and leading us into repentance.

Next, we must go before the Lord on a daily basis, ready to confess our sins, and ready to repent and renounce all ungodliness. Remember, repentance means a change of heart and mind and a totally turning away from any behaviors or attitudes displeasing to the Lord. We also need to ask Him cleanse us from all unrighteousness with the blood of Jesus Christ (I Jn. 1:9).

Seventh, we must seek to enter His presence whenever possible. It is in His presence where He surrounds and permeates us with His glory, healing, restoring, and transforming our inward man.
I would say this is one of the greatest ways to expedite and enhance our journey to wholeness.

Therefore, we must ensure any and all barriers to His presence are removed and that anything that would inhabit or distract us is laid by the wayside. We must also know His defined protocol for coming into His presence and practice it on a regular basis. King David in Psalms 100 outlines the protocol.

Next, make forgiving others one of your primary spiritual disciplines. This is part of our spiritual hygiene and must be done on a daily basis. It ensures God will answer your prayers and allow you into His presence. It also paves the way for your continued healing towards wholeness.

Ninth, establish new scripturally based behaviors and actively pursue your God-given identity.

This means coming into full-unadulterated agreement with whom God has declared you to be in and through Jesus Christ. Becoming absolutely secure in our God-given identity is one of the key factors in attaining wholeness.

Next, if necessary seek out inner healing and deliverance. Look for able and experienced ministers who demonstrate whole, balanced, and healthy behaviors and ministry principles. Inner healing and deliverance are excellent venues that can quicken our advance in the journey to wholeness, but we must be very selective in choosing able and qualified individuals to assist us.

Last of all, seek and select a fellowship that has healthy sound secure leadership at the helm.

Too often there are churches and ministries out there who operate by the same unspoken principles used by our dysfunctional families of origin. You don’t want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

While doing all of the above promotes and provokes the journey to wholeness, these steps just facilitate the process and place us in a position where God can do His divine work in us.

© 2015 Ivan G. Doxtator 

Ivan Doxtator