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8 Jan 2012


Last month, we shared with you from our heart concerning our grandson and the truly miraculous way the Lord has worked in his life to bring healing.  We shared stories of the courage of our grandson and how his “heart” attitude helped him to persevere thru his many challenges. 


We want to continue sharing from our heart with you concerning the changes ahead for this ministry and what we sense the Lord wants to do in our nation.  We sense the Lord is zeroing in on heart issues—individually first, then families, communities, and ultimately the nation.  But it begins with each of us—we have to get our hearts right before we can help anyone else—family or friends.


Ivan has worked with native people for over 30 plus years, 15 before we were married and another 15 together.  Initially we focused on First Nations populations.  Then the Lord opened doors for us with African American churches, and in the last 8 years or so we have found ourselves serving as a bridge between the diverse groups of the First Nations, African American, Caucasian, and Asian churches and ministries in North America. 


We have found that although each group is at a different place of brokenness the common thread running thru the Body of Christ is the need for healing of hearts.  It is an interesting note that the # 1 killer in America is heart disease.  I don’t think this is a co-incidence.  The literal heart of America is broken because the Church is broken.  A broken Church means a broken society and a broken nation, which is why we are writing you this letter.


The Lord has opened up an opportunity for us to help bring healing ‘to the Heart of the nation from the Heart of America.’  Throughout scripture God speaks of the importance of the heart.   Proverbs 4.23:


 “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it flow the issues of life.” (KJV)


As a nation we have NOT kept and guarded the heart…We believe the Lord is saying:

 “The Healing of America begins with the Healing of First Nations people.”


We cannot build a house on a faulty foundation.  The many historical atrocities committed against First Nations people, have resulted in a severe crisis of death and poverty in Native America.   The numbers of suicide and poverty are so high that if these ‘First’ Nations were in any other part of the world, the Church at large would send billions of dollars and shiploads of supplies and resources.


BUT these ‘Nations’ are right here in America!


Despite this, we are excited!  Although we believe America is in a time of great challenge…we see great opportunity unfolding for the Church to arise in an unprecedented way!  We believe the healing of native people is KEY to the great things God wants to do in the healing of America in the days ahead!


Why do we feel this way?  The Lord has graciously opened a door for us to purchase a ministry site with everything we need already in place for immediate use.  Native and non-native people in need of our services can come for healing, restoration, and training, before returning to help their pastors and communities. 


The site is here in Missouri in the Heartland of America.  We believe healing must start in the Heart and that God wants to pour out His healing from here to the rest of the Nation.  For this to happen we need your help!


Are you ready to invest in the Healing of America?


Are you willing to help bring Healing to the First Nations people of our great nation?


We are attaching a PDF informational booklet on this project for you to examine.


Also -See Vimeo and YouTube links below for a short message concerning this opportunity:


First Nations Healing and Outreach Center info video-YouTube



and   http://vimeo.com/user5898590/fncm


If you can’t open the attached please go to our website www.fncm.us  and hit--

Healing Center button.  You can DONATE there on our web thru PayPal.


Please do not think you are not big enough to make a difference for God.  If ONE million people each gave what they could—no matter how big or small we can together accomplish much—to see America Healed!


We have felt led to ask each of you to donate WHATEVER you can—no matter how small it may seem to you.  God has been speaking to us about ‘asking’-- which those of you who know us well—know that we do not often do.  I am realizing that it is insulting to the Lord to NOT ask –and especially to not ask of those who do not have a lot.  Biblically speaking, from Elijah and the widow, the widow’s mite, and the boy’s simple loaves and fish story… God has always done His most magnificent miracles through the generosity of “the least of these.”  God wants us to co-partner with Him to produce a miracle of healing from the Heart of America. 


Will you partner with God and us for this miracle?  


AND- will you send a copy of this to every person you know—asking them the same question? 


We believe that if you do, TOGETHER, we can begin the journey to see America healed.


Faithfully His

Ivan and Linda Doxtator

First Nations Counseling Ministries

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Linda Doxtator