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10 May 2017

Confusion in the Camp

Although our God is not the author of confusion, (1 Cor. 14:33)we have many leaders who say they are Christian and followers of Jesus Christ, who are promoting confusion among the people of God.

How are these leaders promoting confusion?

They are doing so by bringing anti-Christ and occult mixture into the church.  Some are aligned and partnering with secret societies and occult organizations, saying it is okay to be involved with, or associated with such groups. 

Others have fallen into Satan’s humanistic trap of human diversity and multi-culturalism, and are embracing occult aspects of their cultures, traditional customs, and mindsets. Wanting to attract and appease followers, they take these spiritually tainted aspects and integrate them into their normal routine of worshiping God.  Then, they attempt to pass off this form of worship as Christian.

Still, others have embraced the norms of our current Anti-Christian society by allowing gay men and women to be ordained as Christian ministers.  Others have failed to publicly address the important issues of our time, like abortion, gay marriage, and transgender leanings.

Perhaps they don’t realize that their actions and activities have blurred the demarcation lines between the holy and the unholy.  By their actions the leaders who participate in mixture have stirred confusion among God's people, causing many to embrace beliefs and practices that are displeasing to God.

Because of the failure of these leaders to align with the clarity of God's word many believers in the body of Christ are confused as to what path to follow.  Consequently, confusion affects large segments of the body of Christ. 

For example, questions among First Nations believers are many: Should I dress in my traditional tribal regalia, smudge, embrace occult tainted ideas and items, and dance around a big pow-wow drum? Will I be unfaithful to God in doing such things?

In the non- native world many believers ask if it is okay to fellowship or associate with, join, or embrace secret societies like, Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Skull and Bones, or other New World Order occult affiliates?

Still other believers are asking if it's all right to practice yoga, utilize Buddhist mindfulness techniques, or apply alternative healing practices rooted in the occult.  Then again, there are many church groups and denominations claiming to be Christian who are aligned, and participating with, the New World Order’s one world governance agenda.

Unfortunately, most believers do not realize that when they willingly participate in such things that they are bringing themselves under the influence of the same deceptively seducing spirits their leaders have chosen to come under. 

What does God say?

He directs His leaders to teach His people to know the difference between the holy and the unholy, the clean and the unclean (Ezek. 22:26).

Unfortunately, some church and ministry leaders have failed miserably in helping God's people to understand the distinctive difference between things that please, and displease the Lord.

When God mentions unclean in Scripture He means anything or anyone soiled, tainted, or defiled by demonic residue or occult influence. In some cases, like Judas Iscariot, uncleanness includes an individual’s propensity to gravitate toward doing evil (Jn. 13:10-11).

God addresses this when He speaks through Paul, clearly telling believers to come out from among them, and to not touch what is unclean.  After coming out from among uncleanness, God says that then, He receives us as sons and daughters (2 Cor. 6:17-18).

In past articles,we have shared how God used the above passage to show us how a person involved, attached to, or associated with any type of unclean influences, loses the spiritual authority inherent in their position as a son or daughter of God.  This conclusion means that believers tainted by the unclean are powerless to enact any spiritual authority over the hosts of darkness. Essentially, that which is unclean nullifies their ability to effectively war against demonic powers.

Moses and the Unclean

Moses also spoke of this principle when he warned God’s people to ensure their camp remained clean. In his warning he stated:


“For the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and give    your enemies over to you; therefore your camp shall be holy, that He may see no unclean thing among you, and turn away from you.” (Deut. 23:14)

Here, Moses is saying basically the same thing as Paul.  The unclean or unholy in the midst of your camp or ministry team guarantees God will not be with you as you go out to confront your spiritual enemies.  In Paul’s case he said to “not touch what is unclean.” 

Here, the word touch in the original language is defined as to attach to. God says if believers are attached to anyone or, anything that is unclean (soiled or tainted by demonic residue or influence) that He requires them to depart from such attachments or relationships. Once they obediently do as God instructs, He receives them as His sons and daughters.  Only then is their spiritual authority active.

Another warning given by God has to do with the leaders, and how mixture spiritually blinds them and their followers.  Remember, Jesus clearly warned us that “if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch” (Matt. 15:14).One of the first things a believer loses through unholy attachments, or alliances is his ability to discern, or to see with spiritual clarity (Ex. 23:8). We could call this spiritual blindness.

Thus, those that follow after those leaders who indulge in some form of mixture, find themselves falling into the ditch the enemy prepared for the blind. Finding themselves ensnared and bound by the defiled dynamics of an alternate gospel, the blind become spiritually stuck in a demonic ditch.

At this point, no matter how much they spin their wheels, they cannot escape the pit they’ve fallen into. Without the traction of truth, and legitimate support mechanisms to help push them out they will remain stuck.                   

Confusion and Mixture

In reporting in the book of Acts, Luke speaks of the confusion that erupted in Ephesus (Acts. 19:29).  Here, confusion is translated from the Greek word sugchusis, which means “commixture.”  Commixture is defined as; “the act of mixing together.”  It is taken from the Greek word sugcheo, which means to “commingle.”  Commingle means “to cause to blend together” or “to mix or mingle together.”

Thus, it is apparent that mixing the gospel, especially with occult tainted associations or ingredients, results in an altered message that produces spiritual confusion, disorder, and instability.  Definitions for confusion include a mental state involving impaired orientation with respect to time, place, or person”anda“lack of clearness or distinctness.”  Here, the connection between mixture and confusion is very clear.

Finally, one question believers may want to ask is; if God is not the author of confusion, why would any follower of Jesus Christ want to be involved with that which creates it?                                                               

Ivan Doxtator