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21 Dec 2014

Dear Friends,

We hope all is well with you and your families, as we are all now fully engaged into our joyous Christmas season and gearing up for another year. Although this is not our official Christmas letter—we do wish you a Blessed Christmas. We do these reports because we consider it extremely important to hold ourselves accountable to all of you who pray for us and to those of you who support us financially.

This letter is actually a ministry update from our trip to Annapolis, MD. and a praise report on what God did and is still is doing there with African Americans pastors, white pastors, and the Police Department. It is a pretty amazing story in light of things occurring across America.

We were invited by Pastor Mike Berry and Justice United to participate in a Thanksgiving Conference with our dear friends Alistair and Marie Petrie, an awesome woman of God from Cali, Columbia, Ruth Ruibal, and Harry Smith from Belfast, Ireland. The primary purpose of the conference was to gather together as a team to present and discuss with local pastors and intercessors biblical principles that contribute to transformation and healing of the land in Annapolis. The team also worked with Bill Haley Jr. in honoring the service of the Annapolis Police Department on Saturday.

Many of the participants were with us in the spring at a Delaware gathering where we all agreed that we would work together for the “Healing of America.” At that time, Ivan talked about the Doctrine of Discovery, and the devastation it caused in the form of genocidal policies and disenfranchisement for Indigenous people, and slavery for African Americans. At that time, we all agreed to walk together for the healing of America.




















From L to R:
Harry Smith, Belfast, Ireland;  
Ruth Ruibal, Cali, Columbia; Linda Doxtator, FNCM; Marie and Alistair Petrie, Canada; and    Ivan Doxtator, FNCM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Annapolis, MD history and slavery issue: According to the information we found, this was the first capital of the colonists. Because of their failure to first enslave the Indigenous people who warred against the colonists for years, they determined it a “necessity” and turned their sights on the Africans for slaves. Located at the head of the city’s harbor, is the Kunta Kinte-Alex Hailey memorial. Completed in 2002 it commemorates the arrival point of Alex’s African ancestor, Kunta Kinte, as a slave – his story, is told in the book and film Roots.

Ivan and Bill Haley, Jr. at the Alex Haley Memorial at the docks where Kunta Kinte was first brought ashore as a slave.

We feel strongly connected to Bill and agreed to work together for the healing of the African American people as well as the First Nations people.

We feel these two foundational issues-slavery and the genocide and broken covenants with First Nations must be dealt with to see America healed.

During the opening meeting on Friday evening, all of our team, including, Bill Haley, Jr.-Dir., Alex Haley Foundation, honored the young new Mayor and the Police Department of Annapolis. This was all the more significant considering what was happening in Ferguson, Missouri, and other parts of the country.

This was followed by Ruth Ruibal, who shared with us the remarkable, and inspiring story of how God, used the murder of her husband Julio, to bring a deep unity among the spiritual leaders, in Cali, Columbia. Ultimately, Cali had and still is in, an incredible spiritual and social transformation.

Bill Haley explaining his grandfather's philosophy of "finding good and honoring it."




















From left to right: Mayor Mike Pantelides, Annapolis Deputy Police Chief and Sgt, Bill Haley, Jr., Senior Pastor Bill Chamberlin of the Bridge Church

Previously, in 2003, Church leaders in the community had gathered at the Annapolis city docks for prayer, repentance and reconciliation.   Present were ... leading politicians, members of the press, other church leaders, church congregations, tourists ... Mike Berry prayed with [Bill] Hailey, and asked forgiveness for thecity, the churches, his own family and his own participation in the sin of racism. The police have been very supportive throughout this time of their efforts at peace and reconciliation.

On Saturday, after all the speakers sessions, we had dinner at the police station where local Churches provided catered meals for both the morning and evening shifts of the Annapolis Department. I might add—this was seriously, the best, no holds barred gourmet dinner one could have had!  

We were privileged to watch as Bill Haley Jr. presented each officer with a pin from the Haley Foundation and then spoke to them about his grandfather, Alex, who espoused the philosophy that, you “find good and you honor it.”

Our K-9 friend had his gourmet dinner also as he is a true hero and serves the good peope of Annapolis!

We sat with different officers and gave them the opportunity to discuss their feelings about issues affecting them on the job. It was especially moving for all, as this came on the heels of riots and violence in Ferguson.

There was such emotion and appreciation from the police as Bill shook their hands and thanked them for their service to the community. It was an incredible experience!

On Sunday evening service, Ivan asked all those with African dissent to come forward. He explained that Africans were forced to come to N. America, and had not been invited into the continent. He explained that there are many similarities between the Native American and African wounding but there are differences too. He told them that from our experience in working with the African American population, there is a deep wounding from being forced to come here and not having been welcomed here. He told them that as First Nations, we had the authority to welcome them in and he wanted to do that for anyone who was willing. They all stepped forward and Ivan prayed over them. We have seen amazing things happen for people when we pray welcoming prayers for them and this was an awesome example of that. There was an absolute breaking in the spirit for those leaders who were there! Great weeping and shaking occurred for them as the presence of God moved upon them.

Upon our return, Pastor Mike Berry told us that in the preceding weeks, both black and white pastors had an amazing time of repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation with one another, and have agreed to work together for God’s purposes for the city of Annapolis. We will be returning in 2015, and have more planned strategically! Praise be to God—it was incredible!

We continue to give God the glory for all He does. We thank you for your continued support through prayers, words of encouragement, and financial donations.

May you have a Blessed and Safe Christmas!

Ivan and Linda Doxtator
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Linda Doxtator, PhD, LPC