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About FNCM


History of FNCM

FNCM was founded in 1995 to specifically address the unique needs of North America's Indigenous populations.  As a ministry organization we believe these needs require more therapeutic and innovative approaches to evangelism. Through our twenty-five plus years of experience in the field, we have found that most Indigenous people who accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, continually struggle to maintain the spiritual gains they have made.  Some backslide and fall away, while many others are continually treading spiritual water to keep from going under. 

Through years of research we believe deep psychological wounds inflicted by government policy initiatives during early federal-tribal history lie at the root of current spiritual struggles engulfing Indigenous communities.  The intergenerational impact of this original wounding still psychologically reverberates in the hearts and minds of most Native American populations.   

Consequently, we believe the psychological wake created by past traumatic wounding has to be appropriately addressed for the Native believer to breakthrough into deeper levels of salvation experience.  Without considering, understanding and dismantling these psychological barriers few Indigenous Christians will achieve lasting Holy Spirit-led victory for their lives.
Recognizing the great need for healing, wholeness, and spiritual health, FNCM's ministers use counseling and other therapeutic approaches to reach out to Native individuals and their communities. A key strategy of FNCM is to help establish counseling ministry outlets through, and in conjunction with, local Native American Indian churches.
FNCM views itself as an equipping type ministry with current plans for a training institute which includes an in-house treatment center and facilities to conduct community research projects.  FNCM's ultimate purpose is to facilitate an environment where Spirit-inspired personal and community transformation can occur.

FNCM's ministry services include; personal counseling by licensed professional counselors, paraprofessional counselor training, family enrichment seminars, equipping and mobilizing prophetic prayer teams, healing conferences, social ministry development, discipleship training, leadership consultation and development, church-ministry organization and program development, and an array of other training workshops.  

FNCM has developed Native-specific discipleship training to equip individuals with the understanding and tools needed to overcome the spiritually paralyzing influence of beliefs and behavior linked to intergenerational trauma.

FNCM works with the church-at-large to facilitate outreach, reconciliation, and healing initiatives to Native populations.

FNCM is a trans-denominational organization that collaborates and networks with both Native and non-Native groups, ministries and churches across the United States and Canada 

FNCM also provides cross-cultural training for ministry and missionary teams called to serve Native American populations.